For Children

Children spend much time in a state of ‘being’ and when they play, they experience positive connections with Body, Mind and Spirit. Play when combined with adequate rest enhances Wellbeing and sets Alive a glowing path to Learning and Growing!

These Play Days will fascinate and capture Children’s Hearts to learn the basics of connecting with intuition, feelings and creativity, along with exploring the various ways this can be expressed and shared. Children will also have the opportunity to learn how to use story to connect to spirit and heart, how to do energy enchantments with friends and family, what is safe and how to know your boundaries.

  • The Energy Enchantments Play Days consists of activities such as:
  • magical meditations
  • setting sacred spaces
  • exploring music to sooth the soul
  • connecting with their new Crystal Being Friend
  • song and chants
  • sharing and discussions
  • art and craft works

Children enjoy the Magic and Safe experience of connecting to their Heart, Feelings and Creativity. Children are welcomed with open arms and heart, to a place of absolute Trust and Non-Judgment (a loved one of the child is always welcome to join) where they get to actively participate in as much as they choose of the Energy Enchantment.

  • The process is very flexible and will consist on a combination of the following:
  • energy works
  • sound meditation
  • visualisation
  • story
  • affirmation with power words
  • crystal connection

Energy Enchantment will support children will discover ways to connect to their Magic! A beautiful for boosting self-esteem and enthusiasm for life and learning.

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