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Adults need to play and rest, be cared for and have a positive attitude to want care for others, hence creating a more harmonised community and ultimately healthier world. The state of Body, Mind and Spirit is of great importance to a healthy and happy life whilst also adding efficiency, Fun and productiveness our professional lives. Boosting Wellbeing is the answer to a holistic Happiness!

A unique and Magical experience of Sound Healing, Energy Works, Clairvoyance and Connection to Spirit. Sessions available for 90 minutes and 2hours.

Having an Energy Enchantment is a deeply Magical experience where you as the receiver are swept away to a place of Peace, Love and Healing. The experience is set in a sacred space with the loving presence of one or more ‘Enchanters’ (Belinda &/or Ross) who facilitate hands on Energy Healing and Sound Healing with Traditional Earth and Angelic Instruments, this combination beautifully grounds Heaven on Earth energy.

Belinda works with the diamond rainbow light energy as she connects and communicates to the spirit world receiving messages and learnings, then returns this to the physical world and to the receiver, you.

Ross bridges the Worlds of Heaven and Earth through his exquisite Music that supports the Enchantment of Energy to flow to where it’s most valuable.

Together Belinda and Ross will help to clear, heal and awaken your energy, leaving you feeling lighter, brighter and inspired to flow more freely along your Heart path.

Group Meditations can be at your own venue or a community venue. Meditations are a great way to connect to your Heart and release any worries opening up space for clarity and inspiration. The meditations begin with guidance and visualization and then you are taken on a Journey of sound often opening Self up to different realms where Healing and Magic happens.

The instruments include: didgeridoos, Native American flutes, crystal and brass singing bowls, chakra chimes, gong, Native American hoop drum, Harmonic whirlies, guitar and voice.

We are experienced hosts of Meditations for Educators and Teachers…. and we are excited to share our insights on how to make Meditations work successfully for Positive Wellbeing and Productivity. If you are looking to bring more Peace to your environment through open Hearts and clear minds then this is for you. This Workshop consists of:

  • The benefits of Meditation
  • Creating a Gentle Sacred Space
  • The Joy in group sharing
  • Tips, Tools and Practical Ideas of how to make Meditation Magical for Educators and Children
  • Immersion in Live Sound Meditation Ceremony to really feel the benefits of meditation
  • Team unity through individual authenticity
  • FUN!

This is Revolution Learning’s most popular workshop for how it raises the spirits and confidence of individuals and how it really unites teams together.

A powerful workshop for participants to delve into their heart and pull out their uniqueness, their Magic! Guided through playful and team building empowerment activities, participants will discover ways they can use their Magic to create greater life and learning opportunities for themselves, their family and their team. They will also be reminded of, and begin to embody the importance of remembering Self-Love, Creativity and Connection to their Authenticity.

This workshop creates a space of non-judgement, peacefulness and play where from start to finish participants will be uplifted and their hearts warmed. The best workshop for Empowerment and team-building!

In a Next Steps session we support you to find clarity as to what is the next best step forward to create more flow and freedom in your life doing what you love most. Often we get to a road block or feel overwhelmed with so much to do and we lose our way, often resulting in anxiety and tiredness of the body, mind and spirit. These sessions can help to rejuvenate and regain your focus and purpose. These sessions can be booked by groups and organisations allowing us to speak to numerous individuals one at a time.

Retreat days offer a full day to rejuvenate and connect more to oneself. You meet new friends and are guided through experiences that provide opportunities to deeply self reflect in a safe and supported environment. We share through tears, laughter, song, dance and meditation. The atmosphere enchants the senses to embrace the joys and release any fears. We experience soulful activities like:

  • Fire or Splash ceremony
  • Painting
  • Mirror work
  • Sparkle Scry
  • Sound and/or Movement Meditation
  • Wood Crafting
  • Nature, Star, and Moon Cycle sharing

The environment sets the scene, creating comfort and delight as it is set amongst ginormous power words, a beautiful blazing fire and a tranquil garden. One can only be immersed in a day of uplifting energy and Magic! The collective benefit of these days for many has been a turning point to a life changing transformation.

We Love to give back to Community! When a Community Organisation or Individual books 3 or more services we offer a Free Meditation to you. This is a beautiful way to create Community Togetherness. You can ask for a donation and use this as a fundraising event if you like, but ultimately it is about connecting people in a positive and peaceful way. xo

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