Do Time in Rainbows, Glitter and Laughter!

A beautiful thought from my niece Hannah (4 years old) as she was sharing a moment with me and her Nanna. Hannah and Nanna were talking about Time (I was unaware of the context) when Hannah turned to me with a big smile and said “Belinda does Time in Rainbow’s.” “Yay” I replied. Hannah continued “I do Time in Glitter” and she laughed, “And Nanna does Time in laughter.” Then there was a knock at the door, it was her Mum and little Twin Brothers and we all went swimming so the laughter continued, yet the conversation changed.

However, it has stayed in my heart, and my mind is smiling bright as to the beauty of how she captured Time even if it was through a moment of silly fun talk. Silly fun talk moments are the BEST!!! And I say this is one silly fun talk moment that should be shared and expressed more.

I feel many of us see Time as one of life’s greatest gifts especially when we have Time to Be! Being in the moment, surrendered to the ‘here and now’ is our life force for vitality and happiness. We know Children live in the here and now and when they bring their playful hearts and magic minds out to the world I say let’s embrace it and be Inspired by it. So as adults, let’s step into our magic mind and open our playful heart and discover a new way to approach Time 🙂

Time for me according to Hannah is ‘Rainbows’ and how correct she is! As when I feel lost for Time, overwhelmed or needing clarity I breathe in my Magic represented by Rainbows. This is the perfect way for me to appreciate life, be thankful and find delight in times of challenge. Hannah has connected me with Rainbows as she has seen my love of them and my love of all things colourful and magical. She relates this with happiness and lovingness so ‘Time in Rainbows’ is very special ?

Now I ask myself how can I be immersed in this type of ‘Rainbow Time’ more? How, when I connect to life, living beings, nature and places can I feel the beauty of Rainbows through them and in the moment?

What could Time represent to you? ?

Thanks to Hannah I am surrendering to Rainbow Time as much as possible and I bet I find my Heart filled with more joy and I also imagine I will learn and discover more about the world.
I encourage you all to take a moment to step into your magic mind and open your playful heart to rediscover your magical way/style to connect to Time.

Thanks Hannah for your wisdom about Time…. There’s always much mysteriousness and endless learning to be found hidden amongst Silly Fun Talk ?

Shine on,

Belinda 🙂

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