Stacey Owen, Centre Director

Video – Stacey Owen, Centre Director, Cairns

Miriam, Educator

- Brisbane, Queensland

“I recently had my first experience with energy enchantment with Belinda and Gecko. My experience was much more than I ever experienced. From the very beginning I felt at peace with the calming music played by Gecko. The range of instruments and varying sounds guided me to a place of tranquillity that I have never …

Hollie, Educator

“Thank you for the consultation I really enjoy having a chat. A bright, happy and colourful aura just fills the room when you (Belinda) and Gecko are there. It’s amazing. I’d love to speak with you more,” Hollie, Educator, Tully, North Queensland

Shelly, Educator

“Hi Belinda, I just want to let you know that you and gecko have left some magic behind, I feel like something has come over me to change the way I am feeling and believing. You both have made me think about my life and what I believe in. There is a rainbow out there …

Glenda Ellis, Centre Director

“My staff and I absolutely loved the workshop and are wanting to have an opportunity to host you [Revolution Learning] again – if we could we would have you do all of your workshops with us so that we can feel complete and that we are not missing out on anything.  It is good to …

Natasa Kasumagic, Centre Director

“Our children were fascinated and curious by the elements used in the Incursion session. They participated enthusiastically and asked relevant questions to stem their curiosity. We all loved and enjoyed the calmness and the way it was presented by Belinda and Ross. We are looking forward to seeing you again next year, until then let …

Mandy Pickering, OSHC Educator

“I attended the Revolution Learning workshop and was very surprised at how it was run, because it was a work thing, I was expecting pen & paper! How wrong was I, it was that enjoyable even my 8 year old daughter who was with me joined in (and loved it). Belinda and Gecko [Ross Johnstone] …


Jono has a wonderful video to share. Please click the link to hear what he has to say about Revolution Learning.

Natalie, Director

It was the best training I have done in 17 years, this approach is so much more meaningful and exciting and makes so much more sense. I thank Belinda for reinstalling my passion- this is a training not to be missed.

Leonie, Centre Manager

Belinda is very passionate and clearly motivated the group to make exciting changes. It is obvious that a passion for children was the underpinning values of what Magical Moments is about. I’m inspired to also begin the Wonder to Wisdom curriculum watching children explore and learn, with less structure, yet much more meaning.

Linda, Educator

Documenting with Magical Moments has made me feel alive after 27 years in the child care industry I have finally found something that allows me to truly express how I feel about the children and my work with them. Each day I am in awe of all the endless possibilities my clever children are teaching …

Fiona, University Lecturer

Enlightening environments has opened up my eyes as a parent and I now look at so many things differently, Belinda has taught me to stop and smell the flowers and see the beauty in the small things just as my 3 year old daughter does. My time today is precious and I love every second …

Emily, Educator

Belinda inspired, excited and motivated me tonight she is such a good role model filled with lots of information and knowledge and enjoyed listening to her as she makes it interesting and I understood. Her ideas are brilliant and I was made felt special and worthy. I can’t wait to go to work now. I …

Louise, Educator

Belinda has inspired me and been a shining light that has open up my world to early childhood in centre care. Each day I am making new and exciting discoveries with my toddlers as we learn together. Programming is fun now and Belinda’s enthusiasm and knowledge has given everyone at my centre an amazing boost.

Bev, Educator

Belinda’s positive attitude was lovely to take in and how wonderful to listen to someone who has the same passion for the children as I do. I tend to look for positives in children, where others tell me they are a real problem. I always try to establish a bond of trust with new children …

Di, Educator

Keep doing this Belinda, this is what the industry needs, passionate realistic people like you. This was what my childhood is about and you are spot on, keep doing this we need people allowing children to climb trees and let children live their childhood like we did, risk it is spot on.