Miriam, Educator

Brisbane, Queensland

“I recently had my first experience with energy enchantment with Belinda and Gecko. My experience was much more than I ever experienced. From the very beginning I felt at peace with the calming music played by Gecko. The range of instruments and varying sounds guided me to a place of tranquillity that I have never experienced before. By mid-session I was transfixed by the beautiful sounds and by Belinda's healing touch. Helping me let go of all my stress and worry and move to a place where I became in touch with my inner peace. I have been struggling with the loss of a loved one. In my session I felt myself clear through stages of my grief to peace. I was lucky enough to experience a connection with my loved one. Which has left me with pure happiness and much needed healing, a connection that I will have with me always. I walked away with a weight lifted off my shoulders and a connection with my loved one that I never thought I would be able to have. I am so thankful for my experience with energy enchantment and for the healing that I feel from the session. I am so grateful beyond words to Belinda and Gecko for helping me achieve the peace in my life that I feel since my session. I would be excited to be able to experience another session in the future,” Miriam, Educator, Brisbane, Queensland