Mother Earth

Mother Earth to us is a deep truthful connection and love for our natural world and the benefits she brings to Happiness, Health and Harmony in your life. To us Mother Earth is the greatest school.

Helping the Earth to Heal is about creative and wise ways to learn about a Sustainable Earth in which firstly we must fall in love with our Mother Earth and all her natural beauty. Children and adults need time to ‘Be’ and connect with the natural world and here in these precious and loving moments children begin to understand the joy and value of the natural world, and then we are more inclined to develop a sustainable attitude ? .

Here is a little song to the tune of Round and Round the Garden that we created to encourage love and learning about our Mother Earth.

Revolution Learning | Mother Earth | EYLF | Inspiration

Tip: You can have children dancing around a picture of the earth or using props of great landmarks or nature pieces e.g. plants, rocks, logs, flowers, water (always adds extra fun!).

Once the song stops we choose a child and ask them …”What would you like to do to help Mother Earth?” or “How can you be more sustainable?”

To be inspired with more of these ideas and to find out more about our range of workshops for the EYLF community click here.

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