Magic to us is encouraging the beauty, joy, Playfulness, laughter and freedom of life. It is about embracing authenticity of Self, knowing your gifts and how to access and use them.

We would love to share with you the power of Self Compassion and remembering the Magic that is within you. When times are tough or hectic we often forget ourselves and this is where our choices can become less about what our heart truly wants. Our hearts are truly the magic organ and the organ of your truth and wisdom.

Science has proven much about how our heart communicates and sends messages to the brain, it has 40,000 neurons!! The Heart leads the way in life and learning so let’s honour this wisdom centre.

A simply way to do this is with embracing C C C C Compassion to self, to value who you are.

Connect to Self, pause and put your hand on your heart. The next two C’s are Come and Create! We ask the question “Does this Come with love and does this Create love?”

This helps you to make a Choice better aligned with your authenticity.

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