PublicationBelinda Whateley’s innovative and inspirational new book, Magical Moments, is available now

Magical Moments – Creating mindful relationships and wise practice with the Early Years Learning Framework has been thoughtfully written to inspire educators and families who are interested in making a difference to the lives and futures of our children. This book has also been lovingly created for anyone else who enjoys celebrating life’s Magical Moments.

Belinda has embraced the vision of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and aims to bring this framework to life, and to its highest potential, with meaningful and compassionate curriculum for young children.

She also encourages us to be mindful, at every opportunity, when caring for children through the use of her S.M.I.L.E. (See Moments Is Life Embraced) philosophy. The values and beliefs supported by this philosophy will leave you empowered, inspired and energised in your work and play with children.

Belinda’s revolutionary Magical Moments method of observing, documenting and assessment in the early years will motivate you in your work with children, and will provide you with plenty of ideas to enhance and enrich their lives. You will also begin to love your work more, leaving you more fulfilled and truly dedicated to your vocation.

With the ‘Wonder to Wisdom’ curriculum approach, Belinda creates collaborative and reflective learning environments that can be utilised in any of our many early childhood settings.

Belinda writes from the heart and, in answering the questions educators are asking, she is able to draw on years of accumulated knowledge, research, experience and a passionate dedication to early childhood learning.

Praise for ‘Magical Moments – Creating mindful relationships and wise practice with the Early Years Learning Framework’

“In this excellent resource for early childhood carers and educators Belinda Whateley has explored how to do this in a practical and inspirational way. She has captured the holistic nature of the EYLF while honouring and celebrating the magic of childhood.”
Maggie Dent, Author, Parenting and resilience educator