Outback with our Cat – Brewarrina


Outback with our Cat – Brewarrina

This is a video blog that Belinda and I did on our adventure from Perth.

So we’re near Brewarrina here, on the Barwon River, 3520 kilometres into our trip from Perth. And we’re getting a little Inspiration from the rising river and waterways as we flood ourselves with excitment, in anticipation of sharing with so many amazing Child Care Centres across this great country.

We love Australia, especially the outback (it’s where Belinda and I grew up). It is FULL of wonderful things and places to explore and experience.

We are on a journey to connect as many people as possible with their highest potential, by way of Creativity, Magic, Fun, and Sharing of experiences and Knowledge.

We can hardly wait to meet you all and for all of us to be Inspired! HURRAY!!!!


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