Yoga and Wellbeing / The Journey of Mindful Movement

Come and join us as we journey into the Magical world of Children’s Yoga and Wellbeing! In this wonder-filled workshop we connect with your Creativity, Inner-Child and Courageous Mind as we explore mindful movement, relaxation, and group work – all in the name of FUN and positively building on the relationships with the Children in your care.

By the end of this workshop, you will have more confidence to do mindful movement and yoga with the Children in your care. And this is a fantastic thing!

Mindful Movement is so important today as lives have become more fast paced and instant. So as Educators it is so very important that we support Children with greater moments of being, and to use their body flowingly and creatively to enhance learning and development. Come and join the Magic to discover the infinite possibilities of Mindful Movement! Hurray!

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