We are strong advocates for the positive power that meditation brings to lives of all human beings regardless of age.

We love to Meditate so it is only natural that we share our knowledge and experience with others. We have been practicing Mindfulness and Meditation our entire lives so we are completely excited to bring our meditations to the Early Years. The Early Years Learning Framework talks about the importance of Spirituality. We find that it is during our Meditations that the Spirit of educators and teams are strengthened as we ‘be’, ‘belong’ and ‘become’ in these sessions. These Meditations beautifully allow educators to identify and release stressors and this is supported by the comfort of their team mates…. What a way to increase team cohesion!!

If you want to support educators to make better decisions, be more productive and involved, and to relate to the children, each other and parents in authentic and happy ways, then our Meditation sessions are the KEY!

“As a group we have found the “Meditations for Educators” PD’s to be inspiring, & informative in a  way that has allowed us as educators to develop the skills to handle stressful situations, both in our work place & our personal lives. Belinda & Gecko are respectful & passionate about what they do, caring for the holistic  wellbeing of educators & children in the Early Years. Thank you for sharing your vision with us.” Eunice Breitenbach, Educator, Perth.


We have developed various Empowerment programs and simple techniques to support Educators, Children and Families who would like to practice meditation/mindfulness, yoga, reiki and sound healing within the services and homes. Our Empowerment approach is playful and peaceful and guided by Nature, Music and Story.

Sacred heart!