Meditation and Mindfulness Workshop

We are experienced hosts of Meditations for Educators and Teachers…. and we are excited to share our insights on how to make Meditations work successfully for Positive Wellbeing and Productivity. If you are looking to bring more Peace to your environment through open Hearts and clear minds then this is for you. This Workshop consists of:

  • The benefits of Meditation
  • Creating a Gentle Sacred Space
  • The Joy in group sharing
  • Tips, Tools and Practical Ideas of how to make Meditation Magical for Educators and Children
  • Immersion in Live Sound Meditation Ceremony to really feel the benefits of meditation
  • Team unity through individual authenticity
  • FUN!

The EYLF speaks of the importance of Spirituality and we find during our Meditations that the individual’s Spirit is opened, honoured, and strengthened as teams understand more of how we can ‘be’, ‘belong’ and ‘become.’

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