Revolution Learning aims to Inspire and Empower you and your teams…

We have created numerous inspiring workshops that facilitate learning, growth, and greater understanding in implementing the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and National Quality Standard (NQS) for both individuals and centres.

All workshops are interactive and engage participants from the heart to connect to their own pedagogy. Each workshop … Read more >>



Our Consultations are an uplifting experience for Educators and all involved. With Belinda’s 20 years of experience, on-going research and intuitive gifts, Revolution Learning aims to inject some Magic into your team/s by speaking with your educators on a one-on-one basis. Along with Ross’ background in Sociology and Project Management, we create an experience where Educators can really delve into … Read more >>



Revolution Learning provides FUN, interactive, and knowledgeable Incursions for the Children and Educators all beautifully supported by the Early Years Learning Framework. What we value most in our Incursions is the importance of engaging children to connect with their ability to self regulate, especially when excited 🙂 We have a very gentle, yet engaging approach that focuses on ‘being in … Read more >>

Parent Nights

Parent Nights1

Parent Nights are all about reconnecting with our Childlike Spirits as it is here we remember the joys and magic of Childhood. Inspired by Belinda’s relentless positive and bubbly energy, we have developed Parent Play Evenings filled with Fun and Practical experiences and games. These nights embody your services philosophy and the EYLF as they energise and delight Parents to … Read more >>



We are strong advocates for the positive power that meditation brings to lives of all human beings regardless of age.

We love to Meditate so it is only natural that we share our knowledge and experience with others. We have been practicing Mindfulness and Meditation our entire lives so we are completely excited to bring our meditations to the Early … Read more >>

Retreat Days

Retreat Days1

Retreat days are a full day to rejuvenate and connect more to one self. You meet new friends and guided through experiences that provide opportunities to deeply Self reflect in a safe and supported environment. We share through tears, laughter, song, dance and meditation. The atmosphere enchants the senses to embrace the joys and release any fears. We experience soulful … Read more >>