Revolution Learning just LOVES to get involved and host Community events!

Things we love doing:

  • Meditation gatherings
  • Conferences
  • Tough mud adventure weekends
  • Educational retreats
  • Stalls of sustainable games
  • Café tables of inspiration
  • Children play days
  • Educator PD parties
  • Team and Group Building gatherings, e.g. work, sports, craft and book groups
  • Adult Play Days and Parties

You name it, if we are free we will be happy to join! We always shine out the message of creating a calm yet playful time to empower and energise all that choose to join us .
Please contact us if you would like us join your community event or host an event for your team or group.

Outback Tour with our Cat!

E15 1

As we travel this great land we will be sharing in meditations with children, educators and the community. Our meditations are delivered through voice, didgeridoo, sound-bowls, hoop-drums, native American flutes, djembe, guitar and percussion.

You can follow our adventures on our Facebook page.

Or contact us for more information.…

Sounding Out Meditation

Meditation and Mindfulness Experience for Educators, Teachers, Parents and Community Members who connect with Children. 

Monday, March 14th from 2-4pm at Vivacious Living Centre, Applecross, WA. Investment: $35.00

Click Here for TicketsSounding Out Meditation 2016 (FB) (2)Read more >>



River Murray Meditation Celebration

E14 1

Every year Belinda returns to where it all began for her, to Barmera on the River Murray. This time the Murray welcomed her and Ross (Gecko) back with wide and flowing open arms as they facilitated a Meditation nestled on the banks and in the Red Gums of the great River. With friends new and old… Read more >>

Educator Meditations

Our most recent Educator Meditation focussed on COMPASSION and took place in the wonderful coastal surrounds of Binningup in the great South West of Western Australia. It always pleasantly surprises us as to how much a trusting and safe space can help one reconnect with themselves and with their unique creativity. We believe Compassion to be everlastingly kind, with so … Read more >>

Body Connections Yoga Didge

Late in 2015 Ross (Gecko) had the pleasure of playing some of his Earthy and Dreamy instruments with the very talented Daniel White from Blue Child Collective, at a Yoga retreat hosted by the amazingly calming and wise Kim White from Body Connections Yoga. With some energetic and soothing Yoga practice in the middle, we started and finished the day … Read more >>

Community Sharing Circle Christmas Celebration

So Christmas 2015 has come and gone and what LOVELY, JOYOUS, and FESTIVE Fun we had with close friends of the community over a Mindful Meditation and catch up with a few beverages afterwards!!! With regular Community Sharings and catch ups comes regular connecting and ongoing friendships – this leads to and facilitates a powerfully personal sharing punctuated by humour, … Read more >>

Guest speaker at Loxton District Children’s Centre (Woodleigh)

E10 1

In late December 2015, Belinda returned to where she was first employed some 19 years ago as an Educator, the Loxton District Children’s Centre (Woodleigh). Returning to the place she received the Inaugural National Educator of the Year Award and as an Education Consultant, she was given the opportunity to be the guest speaker – which she excitedly did a … Read more >>

The Littlest Fox Gigs

E9 The Littlest Fox Gigs 1

In 2014 Ashlea and Jenny from the ‘The Littlest Fox’ asked Gecko to play his Majestic Didgeridoo sounds for some songs on their Album ‘The Apple Tree’ and of course he did! So every so often he will join them on stage supporting their awesome gigs.

Stay connected through Facebook, Instagram and check out our up and coming events to … Read more >>

Swan Valley Spring Fetes

E8 Swan Valley Spring Fetes 1

Nestled amongst beautiful vines and fruit trees at Swan Valley Café, we enjoyed the peace and serenity holding a stall. Our purpose was to spread the joys and fun that can be found amongst our natural and upcycled resources and here you can see we had some giggling adults as they played our sustainable rope game!… Read more >>

Light up Leederville

E7 Light up Leederville 1

A magical time to get out in the Community is at Christmas time and here you see us sparking the Fun of the Festive Season with this cool group of adults playing the Gumnuts of Gratitude Game!… Read more >>

Reconnecting Arts and Community

E6 Reconnecting Arts and Community 1

We had a beautiful day in the garden at the Reconnecting Arts and Community Event sharing Magical and Intuitive Activities along with Nature, Music and Art Experiences with the Children and Families of the Community.… Read more >>

Dirt Wars! Tacker Attack

E5 Dirt Wars! Tacker Attack 1

What a muddilicious time we had at this awesome event which is just off the banks of the glorious River Murray in Loveday SA and the place of our 2nd home. We returned to host the Tacker Attack, a MUD Obstacle Event for Children, and here you can see the Happy Muddy Kids! … Read more >>

Accelerate Youth Camp

E4 Accelerate Youth Camp 1

We were thrilled to be part of Accelerate Youth Camp where we provided a sacred Meditation and Burning Ceremony. This helped to create new friendships and courage to empower children through challenges and to be confident to express their unique creativity and gifts.… Read more >>

Yallingup Teachers Retreat

E3 Yallingup Teachers Retreat 1

We had a touching and playful time facilitating a Meditation Ceremony with the beautiful bunch of teachers. It was great to see their inner child unleash after the meditation that bought such tranquility and togetherness.… Read more >>

Yoga Retreat

E2 Yoga Retreat 1

Gecko rejuvenated these beautiful people with his soothing sounds through his didgeridoo at this blissful yoga retreat on Penguin Island. Thanks to Body Connections Yoga.… Read more >>

Teddy’s Bear Picnic

E1 Teddy's Bear Picnic 1

We had a blast at the City of Armadale’s Community Teddy Bear’s Picnic engaging with children and their families and offering music and creative experiences, and connection to our lovely crystals.… Read more >>