2017 Heart Spark Magazine

Educators Awakening their Heart Spark!

Connecting with educators and children for the past 20 years I have seen some wonderful and heart-full changes to really advocate for the rights of children, to advocate for a healthy planet and more recently, the last decade in particular, the rise in awareness of a deep need to hear our Soul’s Wishes!

There have been many of us doing ‘undercover’ work throughout our life and the time is now to come into the light …

Do Time in Rainbows, Glitter and Laughter!

A beautiful thought from my niece Hannah (4 years old) as she was sharing a moment with me and her Nanna. Hannah and Nanna were talking about Time (I was unaware of the context) when Hannah turned to me with a big smile and said “Belinda does Time in Rainbow’s.” “Yay” I replied. Hannah continued “I do Time in Glitter” and she laughed, “And Nanna does Time in laughter.” Then there was …

Dragonfly Dreaming to release anxiety

If you believe in Universal Connection and Greater Consciousness, you mostly likely believe in Magic and a world that is quite enchanted…. I certainly do! Many of you who have been part of our Workshops, Consultations, Meditations and Energy Enchantments will know that it’s the Universal Connection, which I refer to as Spirit, that shares with me many images and messages that help to create greater opportunities to learn – hence Learning through Magic! Following is an example:

In a …

Outback with our Cat – Brewarrina

Outback with our Cat – Brewarrina

This is a video blog that Belinda and I did on our adventure from Perth.

So we’re near Brewarrina here, on the Barwon River, 3520 kilometres into our trip from Perth. And we’re getting a little Inspiration from the rising river and waterways as we flood ourselves with excitment, in anticipation of sharing with so many amazing Child Care Centres across this great country.

We love Australia, especially the outback (it’s where Belinda and …

How a Beautiful Moment of Clairvoyance created Unity in a Programming Consult.

We arrived to begin a day consultation at a beautiful Early Years’ Service. The request was to focus on programming and to bring the team together to create on an enjoyable and meaningful approach to programming.

From the beginning of the day as we sat with the Director and Educational Leader it was clear this was to be a Spirited day as the goosebumps arose as soon as the conversation started. We were all in the right heart and head …

Every Boring Moment has a Song – Mindfulness

From Perth to Normanton – Balladonia

Hello everyone!

This is a short story about mindfulness I guess.

It’s 520am and I haven’t been able to sleep for the last 3-4 hours. Strange times. But familiar times…..

I realised after a while that I was doing the usual – tossing and turning in bed ever so quietly as my partner and our cat slept and dreamt. I realised in a moment that this was familiar and that it may be some …

Gecko the Moving Tree!

So, I recently completed a three-day intensive Kids Yoga Teacher Training.  And a few days later, in ‘one of those’ moments, I realise how much my life had changed.  Clarity and confirmation abounds in these moments.  As synchronicity and the universe would have it, I was part of an inspiring group of 22 people all on a journey of service to the community and children in particular.  And I have a sneaking suspicion that all of these women had a …

Meditation is a Must if you want more positivity in your life.

Peace, Inspiration and Clarity

There is so much information on the benefits of Meditation out there, all you have to do is breathe the words ‘Benefits of Meditation’ somewhere in the vicinity of a world wide web search engine and you will be completely inundated! Science journal articles, statistics, studies, life experiences, stories, testimonials, doctrines, philosophies, and so on and so on….. Meditation and Mindfulness is everywhere!

Are the benefits factual though? Well that is up to you to decide. …

Indee’s Rainbow Heart Message

Today I have a magical story of how attuned we are to the universe if we have time to listen and hear our intuition! This morning as I sat in the fresh new sunshine rays doing my morning writing I was sent a playful message from the winds to ‘cleanse, reset and listen to the innocent freedom we hold within’ by blowing my hat into a puddle of water from rains of days passed.

After picking up my hat and …


Music to us soothes the Soul, frees the Spirit, and lets our Heart Sing!

Music is Unity in Diversity, it is the expression and language showcasing the richness of cultures and is a universal language.

We absolutely love the sounds of Nature and the instruments that come from the Earth, in particular using didgeridoo’s, drums and flutes to create peaceful meditative sounds to relax and open up our creative juices.

We have been holding meditation ceremonies and PDs (Professional Development …

Mother Earth

Mother Earth to us is a deep truthful connection and love for our natural world and the benefits she brings to Happiness, Health and Harmony in your life. To us Mother Earth is the greatest school.

Helping the Earth to Heal is about creative and wise ways to learn about a Sustainable Earth in which firstly we must fall in love with our Mother Earth and all her natural beauty. Children and adults need time to ‘Be’ and connect with …


Mindfulness to us is being still to hear your inner wisdom void of expectations and beliefs of others – including the influence of media. Mindfulness works hand in hand with gratitude, meditation, reflection, and practicing presence.

Think Being of our great Early Years Learning Framework. Being in the moment is the only place we can learn. It is all about making memories – how do we make memories? Simply by living in the here and now. If we are thinking …


Magic to us is encouraging the beauty, joy, Playfulness, laughter and freedom of life. It is about embracing authenticity of Self, knowing your gifts and how to access and use them.

We would love to share with you the power of Self Compassion and remembering the Magic that is within you. When times are tough or hectic we often forget ourselves and this is where our choices can become less about what our heart truly wants. Our hearts are truly …

Let children blow you away

American child prodigy and internationally published author Adora Svitak shares a wise and important reminder to adults: “It’s imperative to create opportunities for children so they can grow up to blow you away!”

I find these words captivating and exciting every time I hear them. It’s important that we give children a voice, and instill in them the belief that anything is possible. Who wouldn’t want that for their child? I would love it if all children across the globe had this sort of …

Believe In Me

I walked into a room and noticed lots of things happening. Children were bursting with energy and exploring their environment with such a zest for play … their imaginations were running wild with the open-ended resources provided for them.

Three educators were in the room, but it didn’t seem like they were engaging in quality interactions with the children, although perhaps in their minds they believed they were ‘there’ with the children. However, through my eyes, I wanted to see …

Time to think about your dreams

THE new year is upon us so let’s grab the bull by the horns and enjoy the ride, even when it’s a bumpy one. Turn the frightening into the exciting for 2013!

This year, for me, is about giving the gift of hope, compassion, justice and the courage to dare to dream that anything is possible. Do you have a dream? What is your purpose? What are you doing? Is this what you want? What is life without a purpose? …

Reindeer, reindeer don’t you stop

One of my favourite songs at Christmas time is one that I made up many years ago while working with children aged between two and five years. I have continued to enjoy this festive tune and each year treasure watching the joy on the children’s faces as they sing with me.

This is my Christmas version of Horsey, horsey, don’t you stop:

Reindeer, reindeer don’t you stop, Just let your hooves go clippety-clop, Your tail go swish and your nose …

Christmas birds

I am on the home stretch to Christmas and I could not be more excited! For me, this is the time of year to really bring the magic of childhood alive and create those Magical Moments that children will hold in their hearts for a lifetime. A little tradition I created when I began my career with children 17 years ago is that of the festive Christmas birds. The Christmas bird is magic, kind and caring and loves to watch …

Through the eyes of the children

S.M.I.L.E. See Moments Is Life Embraced is a simple approach I love to use, not only in conjunction with Magical Moments and as a method for documenting children’s learning, but also as a way to encourage myself to stop and be mindful of the little things in life. Learning to appreciate and reflect on the beauty that is all around us is not only good for the soul, but a useful tool to have throughout life. …

Life, learning and tea parties

We need our curriculum experiences to add value and purpose to the children’s lives while also adding meaning to our own lives. Each day, with the children, we are all learning together. As educators, we don’t have all the answers, and who actually wants all the answers? Life is so much more exciting when we learn and discover through shared experiences with others cialis generika eu.

We want the experiences and activities we create for children to be interesting, engaging …

Hippity hoppity Easter is on its way!

Easter is nearly here – a sure sign that time is marching on – and we can easily be left wondering where the year is going. Which must mean we are having so much fun! So let’s enjoy this magical time of year with those who love it most of all … the children!

But firstly, before all the fluffy chickens and Easter eggs, let’s be mindful and discover what makes Easter special for each unique family. …

The Magical Moments that are all around us

I have no doubt that all this hot weather must be affecting our amorous inclinations. It’s summer time, and love is always in the air! There’s old-fashioned romance and there’s the kind of heartfelt love and compassion between people who look after and care for each other, and that’s the kind of love I am blessed to come across every day.

The passionate and compassionate educators I work with are truly making a difference in the lives of the children …



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