Meditation is a Must if you want more positivity in your life.

Peace, Inspiration and Clarity

There is so much information on the benefits of Meditation out there, all you have to do is breathe the words ‘Benefits of Meditation’ somewhere in the vicinity of a world wide web search engine and you will be completely inundated! Science journal articles, statistics, studies, life experiences, stories, testimonials, doctrines, philosophies, and so on and so on….. Meditation and Mindfulness is everywhere!

Are the benefits factual though? Well that is up to you to decide. When we as individuals think of something ‘factual’ we think of something ‘hard-copy’, or ‘provable’, or ‘hard-science’. And this is where the lines can blur somewhat. Whenever someone asks me to prove the benefits of something that is not in the physical realm (i.e. Meditation), I respond with “Well, how does one prove the benefits of LOVE?” We all know Love exists, but what’s the evidence? It is in this same light that I am writing of – just like Love, Meditation can lead to a true sense of ultimate Wellbeing and Happiness.

It makes perfect sense to me, that if our lives are too full of physical things like work, bills, appointments etc. etc., then we must counter those things with something – we need to have something healthy ‘up our sleeves’ and in our repertoire to help bring us to a more balanced sense of life and wellbeing. And that my friends is where Meditation and other acts of Mindfulness comes in.

Belinda (the Playful one!) and I from Revolution Learning are two completely unique and open individuals with differing opinions on a LOT of things in this life, and that gives us healthy discussion and many learning opportunities. We both realise that when things get ‘tough’, or overwhelming, that we need to stop, be still, breathe, and relax – all tough and overwhelming situations are simply states of mind and perceptions. And if we want to take it to the next level of relaxation, we Meditate.

Meditation to us is something we do when we want clarity, when we want inner guidance, when we want inspiration, when we want things to be closer to being still, and when we want to remember who we are as individuals. Everything else in this physical world and realm, comes AFTER the fact that we are essentially and primarily HAPPY beings. Realise that you are happy within your self, and you will always be happy – it is just a case of remembering this, and Meditation is the gift to help.

If you want more information on how Revolution Learning approaches Meditation and Mindfulness, or anything else, please contact us as I am sure we can help with your query.

Ross Gecko Johnstone.

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