I’m Not Creative

I’m NOT creative, I would always say, almost as if I was proud to say it. For years and years I would say this. Honestly, it must have been 15 to 20 years worth of ‘self-creative denial’. I said and thought it so much that I really did become a non-creative person. It was a way of being, a way of ending a conversation that would possibly lead down a path of self exploration and growth – I didn’t want to push myself into a world of artistic challenge and vulnerability. And in so doing, I chose not to grow.

I now realise that you must find and be who you are in order to have the Freedom to Create. To be creative is to firstly be authentic and to grow with this authenticity. Being authentic is about ‘keeping it real’, and truly speaking your heart and mind sometimes in the face of judgement and ridicule, and sometimes unsettling the status quo.

At first, speaking and acting your heart and mind can certainly be testing. Eventually though, these testing times become a certain strength of yours where you eventually become a more determined and decisive and compassionate Being. And then you find yourself wanting more than who you once were; you find yourself wanting to create.

The creative process, to me, is a discussion between authenticity and creativity – they play off each other. Being authentic gives you freedom to create, and creating promotes growth in your Being which allows for a new level of authentic self. And so on and so on… It’s this beautiful dance between your ‘sense of self’ and your ‘heavenly heart’, leaving your ‘monkey mind’ behind you. You should try it. But I want to keep things simple here. All this talk of authenticity and vulnerability and creativity and growth, it’s a bit much I reckon… Complicating the journey to being creative is the reason why we end up considering ourselves a ‘non creative’ in the first place!!!! In simple truth, we are all born to create. We are born with no filter; we are born with an innate and relentless desire to connect with all things, to instinctively explore and push ourselves to discovery.

Don’t worry about that experience you had as a child when your art teacher said you’re not quite getting it in front of the whole class. Don’t worry about when your friend picked up a guitar ten years ago and is now the center of all parties. And don’t worry about all the other layers upon layers of good, humanly emotional reasons as to why you’re not creative or this or that! Just don’t worry at all. All you have to do is STOP. And be still. Breathe.

Now ask yourself a question. Something like, “What do I like?”. And perhaps, “What do I really like?” Take it from here, keep it simple, and START. Quickly realise that person you can trust and let them know with no fanfare that you’re starting to learn the guitar, for example. To me, the critical part comes next – now go and buy a guitar… That’s it! Buy a guitar now and play. Find a pattern on the guitar, a sound you like, referring to the world wide web for help along the way and grow your interest that is now not just a seed. Imagine yourself starting the guitar now, and what it may be like to keep exploring the guitar, and what it will be like to play your own song. And PLAY. Have FUN. Make mistakes and don’t linger on comparing yourself to others. As these mistakes very quickly become discoveries, and these comparisons very quickly become opportunities for more motivation. Taking a punt on creativity leads to discovery. Let us all discover who we are and all that we can be. Let us share with all, the colour and magnificence of us and what it is to be consciously here. Let us not flail about in ‘too serious a life’.

Let Your Self have the Freedom to Create.
I’m NOT Creative!

Ross ‘Gecko’ Johnstone

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