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So, I recently completed a three-day intensive Kids Yoga Teacher Training.  And a few days later, in ‘one of those’ moments, I realise how much my life had changed.  Clarity and confirmation abounds in these moments.  As synchronicity and the universe would have it, I was part of an inspiring group of 22 people all on a journey of service to the community and children in particular.  And I have a sneaking suspicion that all of these women had a similar experience to me – even though I was the only male there ☺!!!

I have been a Yoga lover for a few years now, and have found my creative outlet with music in recent years, and I am at one with Nature.  For those who do not know me, I am a simple bush kid from Berry Springs south of Darwin, and yes, I swam with crocodiles – albeit unknowingly…  I made spears for the monsters, bows and arrows for hunting, amazing cubby houses and tree houses for shelter and secret meetings, and rode my ‘deadly-treadly’ (bicycle) for kilometres and kilometres to play with my friends on weekends.  I even ran around in those tropical times to cool down, because when I ran the breeze in my hair and over my body was so refreshing.  What a life for a kid?!  If any of you have children I would like you to know what I know, and that is how much Children and Nature and Mindful Movement ‘talk’ to each other.   The interconnectedness of these three things is truly, and very simply, magically wholesome.  In these current times mindful movement towards Nature is needed if we believe in freedom and space to explore adventurously this life of ours and of our children.

Sacred heart!

My world now, as part of Revolution Learning, enables me to help inspire and empower parents, educators and teachers of kids (and of course the kids themselves).  A career change from Conservation and Land Management of a decade to the Early Years has been a slight shock to my system, and yes it was a comfortable system.  My recent training has helped push this slight shock into a realm of wanting to stand up in front of children and tell them my story and to help them with theirs…  My life with Belinda is one where we get to stand, and sit, with kids of all ages all over this great and wondrous country of ours spreading our love and passion for Nature, Children and Fun, Music, Mindfulness, and now Movement.  And by Children I also mean our inner-child as adults.  

Belinda is an ‘old-hat’ at all of this, with endless knowledge and fairy rainbow energy exploding all over the place – it is positively CRAZY!  And I…  I am a tree of sorts.  But this tree now moves to the sounds of Nature, Music, and Children’s Yoga.  Four days after my recent training, again as synchronicity and the universe would have it, I found myself standing, and sitting, in front of 35 kids aged 2 – 5 years telling my story with love and passion.  This is my life now, and I wish for all the people we meet to remember and re-connect with the magic and freedom of who they are as adults, as kids, and as both.  

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Ross ‘Gecko’ Johnstone

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