Every Boring Moment has a Song – Mindfulness


From Perth to Normanton – Balladonia

Hello everyone!

This is a short story about mindfulness I guess.

It’s 520am and I haven’t been able to sleep for the last 3-4 hours. Strange times. But familiar times…..

I realised after a while that I was doing the usual – tossing and turning in bed ever so quietly as my partner and our cat slept and dreamt. I realised in a moment that this was familiar and that it may be some time before I actually get back to sleep. That’s when I thought to my Self, “Well I may as well meditate or something, and if that ‘doesn’t work’ then I may as well get up and out of bed”. So I lay there with eyes closed, self-aware and all that, and consciously focused on my physical body and the energy moving around, and it was lovely and relaxing.

I then found my Self moving from a thought-less meditative state to a deep thought and self-reflective state, and I LOVE the times when I am in these states – it’s like a silent rant as I passionately proclaim to the Universe [in my thoughts / reflections] how I understand certain things, certain Universal Laws and rules as I call them. I get on this role where in my thoughts and proclamations I connect with the all-knowing Universe and discuss with my Self where I am at in this Life by way of internal dialogue as I silently speak my Truth so strongly, that I know where I am at in this very moment. I know where I am at by what I speak, and by what I do, for we are exactly who we are in how we interact and relate with the world and other. And that is Perfect. That is Perspective.

I was on a role in my silent rant. A silent rant though I know it was heard cialis 5mg 10mg 20mg tadalafil. And one must get on a role, one must get momentum if we are to flow growingly to a destination or realisation. And for someone to be on that role and be allowed to speak with the other listening it is such a poetic and beautiful thing because in part, you are actually watching / listening to someone growing and evolving as they speak and think aloud. Let them speak! Let them rant! And let them help us all learn, no matter how challenged you may be.

Then I came to some kind of end point in my sleepless moment. I thought somewhere amongst it all that even if you feel like you are not passionate about anything, or that you are often stagnant, or that you feel boring and bored at times, there is something you can do in those ‘non-flowing’ and ‘non-rolling’ moments. You can Observe Pro-Actively, or Pro-actively Observe. As you lay there [as it were / for example], observe what is happening within you and around you. But don’t just watch. Watch how you relate and connect to things in and around you, how other things relate and connect to the other things in and around them. Ask questions and reflect on how everything is related, for example – this is to Observe Pro-Actively. The other end of this small spectrum is to Pro-Actively Observe which is very similar but it is to perhaps take a little more action in your thoughts and reflections – it is up to you how you think this may go. The important thing here is to see that you are actually ‘taking-part’ and contributing to this Life especially if you are challenging your Self, and in this case as you may be laying there bored.

So if you catch your Self being bored or not flowing, STOP and think / feel what is happening in this very moment. Get Perspective. What am I connecting to and what am I relating to? Then you realise that you are an integral part of the way of things, and that without you the world and Universe would cease to exist in some way, shape, or form! You realise that you do see things, that you do relate and connect with things by the mere fact that you are observing them (pro-actively :-))! You might even see that you are a reflection of the Universe – who knows?! And as your thoughts may role into a rant, perhaps one day you’ll speak them loud. The speaking of your Truth is poetic and beautiful, and it is Perfect. Feel the strength in your vulnerability and Sing it to the world.

These quiet, non-eventful and boring moments are an absolute Inspiration, for in every boring moment there is a song. If you so choose….. I encourage choosing Yes…..

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