For Educators and Teachers

For Educators and Teachers we create a space of Trust and Magic! A space that connects individuals to their inner child where their Creativity is sparked and their Wisdom is nurtured. Our 20 years of experience, charismatic and loving ways creates an experience where Learning and Connection come alive with ease and confidence. Let’s go!

This is Revolution Learning’s most popular workshop for how it raises the spirits and confidence of individuals and how it really unites teams together.

A powerful workshop for Educators to delve into their heart and pull out their uniqueness, their Magic! Guided through playful and team building empowerment activities, Educators will discover ways they can use their Magic to create greater life and learning opportunities for themselves, the children and the team. They will also be reminded of, and begin to embody the importance of remembering Self-Love, Creativity and Connection to their Authenticity. This workshop creates a space of non-judgement, peacefulness and play where from start to finish Educators will be uplifted and their hearts warmed. The best workshop for Empowerment and team-building!


Our Consultations are an uplifting experience for Educators and all involved. With Belinda’s 20 years of experience, on-going research and intuitive gifts, Revolution Learning aims to inject some Magic into your team/s by speaking with your educators on a one-on-one basis. Along with Ross’ background in Sociology and Project Management, we create an experience where Educators can really delve into any challenges or support they may need.

We love visiting centres and reinvigorating teams, environment and curriculum with fresh play experiences and learning approaches. We have an abundance of creativity and knowledge to move your team and uplift their spirits. With a natural knack to tap into individuals’ passions and talents, we bring alive a freshness with your educational curriculum that works with the synergies of the team. Consultations are intuitively based to allow each individual to connect and naturally find their flow that works for them and your service.
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We are experienced hosts of Meditations for Educators and Teachers…. and we are excited to share our insights on how to make Meditations work successfully for Positive Wellbeing and Productivity. If you are looking to bring more Peace to your environment through open Hearts and clear minds then this is for you. This Workshop consists of:

  • The benefits of Meditation
  • Creating a Gentle Sacred Space
  • The Joy in group sharing
  • Tips, Tools and Practical Ideas of how to make Meditation Magical for Educators and Children
  • Immersion in Live Sound Meditation Ceremony to really feel the benefits of meditation
  • Team unity through individual authenticity
  • FUN!

The EYLF speaks of the importance of Spirituality and we find during our Meditations that the individual’s Spirit is opened, honoured, and strengthened as teams understand more of how we can ‘be’, ‘belong’ and ‘become.’

NQS QA1, QA2, QA4, QA5, QA7

Highly recommended if you want to inspire and motivate all your team to be far more enthused to implement the EYLF in CREATIVE and Meaningful ways. This workshop always leaves Educators full of energy and eager to learn more with the EYLF! Through team-building games and friendly rivalry, Educators will connect with their sense of Belonging and then delve deep into joyful learning by embracing the Principles, Practices and Learning Outcomes. Be part of an uplifting workshop full of innovative and purposeful learning with the EYLF.


This workshop is interactive and gives Educators a hands-on opportunity to explore with songs, games, surprise boxes, and other fun and creative ways to encourage learning with the EYLF in mind. In particular it focuses on the importance of group experiences and how each individual can shine within the group. Educators are empowered to tap into their own Creativity with confidence and enthusiasm to remember the FUN, Magic and Learning of group times. This workshop is celebrated for the way it brings out the Inner Child of each Educator.

NQS QA1, QA3, QA5, QA6

This workshop opens up FUN ways to learn and discover more about how to unite with the Natural World and Nature’s Elements to support awe-inspiring learning that beautifully connects with the EYLF. There are infinite learnings within the realm of Nature, and how it empowers us to be mindful and creative to develop a Sustainable Attitude! This is a highly motivational and educational workshop to bring alive more Sustainable practices in your service and with families and community. You will experience song, dance and games that you can take away to enhance learning with your children. Watch children’s faces light up with enthusiasm as they have their minds.

NQS QA1, QA2, QA3, QA5, QA6

Come and join us as we journey into the Magical world of Children’s Yoga and Wellbeing! In this wonder-filled workshop we connect with your Creativity, Inner-Child and Courageous Mind as we explore mindful movement, relaxation, and group work – all in the name of FUN and positively building on the relationships with the Children in your care.

By the end of this workshop, you will have more confidence to do mindful movement and yoga with the Children in your care. And this is a fantastic thing!

Mindful Movement is so important today as lives have become more fast paced and instant. So as Educators it is so very important that we support Children with greater moments of being, and to use their body flowingly and creatively to enhance learning and development. Come and join the Magic to discover the infinite possibilities of Mindful Movement! Hurray!

NQS QA1, QA2, QA3, QA5

The Heart Spark Package offers an opportunity to immerse your team in an empowering program to develop skills and gain tools to create positive change in your service.

The package consists of:

  • Empowering Educators Workshop
  • Incursion for Children
  • Sharing Circle
  • 2-3 Days Consultation

The Heart Spark Package has been delivered across Australia with various teams and always creates more Confident, Inspired and Energised Educators/Teachers. It is also a common occurrence for many individuals to have their Life transformed during this experience. If you are looking for an opportunity to deeply nurture Wellbeing then this package is the one!

Sharing Circles are a beautiful opportunity for participants to share and release how they are going and feeling with anything and everything. They are a powerful way to bring about positive change and unite Heartful wellbeing amongst individuals and teams.

We host the Sharing Circle in a ceremonial style that consists of:

  • Being part of a sacred trusting space
  • Sharing an intention with gentle loving support
  • Sound Meditation (Didgeridoos, Native American Flutes, Crystal and Brass Sound Bowls, Chakra Chimes, Gong, Guitar, Native American Hoop Drum, Whirly Gigs, Guitar and Voice)
  • Sharing your experience after the Sound Meditation

Sharing Circles are the catalyst of bringing in a new era of Wellbeing in Education, with the purpose of re-connecting with the Creativity, Magic, Love and Happiness within us all, even if it means possibly working through some ‘trickier’ personal topics/issues.

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