Dragonfly Dreaming to release anxiety

  • If you believe in Universal Connection and Greater Consciousness, you mostly likely believe in Magic and a world that is quite enchanted…. I certainly do! Many of you who have been part of our Workshops, Consultations, Meditations and Energy Enchantments will know that it’s the Universal Connection, which I refer to as Spirit, that shares with me many images and messages that help to create greater opportunities to learn – hence Learning through Magic! Following is an example:

    In a recent Empowering Educators workshop as Gecko (Ross) played the healing sounds of the Didgeridoo, we all lay in relaxation and meditation. Spirit quickly showed me a Dragonfly above an Educator, then more and more Dragonflies appeared, they were dancing and moving around with some ribbon in the form of a bow. It was so very cool, my Heart was dancing in an enchanted delight! After a time the Dragonflies then moved around the group placing bows upon each Educator, I was smiling and filled with joy as I received their message, ‘The bows represent the untying of your gift (your Magic). Are you ready to open up to your Magic?’

    We all shared our experiences with each other, and continued with the workshop. As the workshop finished I was guided by Spirit to approach one Educator and blurt out, “You untied your magic today!” she nodded and agreed as a few of us then continued happily chatting about the workshop. The following day the Educator shared with Gecko and myself that she had been feeling quite anxious for some time and her experience during the meditation helped to release this anxiety. She continued to share how when the didgeridoo played she felt like a knot was being untied and pulled out of her stomach….. she felt instant relief, her anxiety had been released! We all smiled…. She untied her gift and opened to her Magic! Thankyou Dragonfly spirits ?

    The Dragonfly is also known as the creature of transformation so for this beautiful Educator who was on a new journey in a new town, and with a new team, she was now stepping into her Heart strength transforming from anxiety to Love of Life! It is always such a touching and surreal feeling to be part of one’s Journey into the world of Spirit and Magic…. and I am always completely grateful for the path life leads me upon to meet such beautiful people that we can all share and grow together to help make for a more harmonious, happy and healthy Earth. Trust in your Magic and open freely to allow it to come to you ??

    A summary about the Dragonfly Guides in this experience: For people open and ready on their unique Spiritual path/Heart path, the Dragonfly Guides help you untie your bow; your gift. Sometimes this may feel like a knot, your tummy churns and there is an inner knowing of a time to more keenly and confidently walk your Heart Path. You are hearing your intuition and it may feel uncomfortable taking the next step so call in the Dragonfly Guides of transformation. Feel their joyful yet strong presence untying your gift… Believe, Allow and Receive… and Magic happens. ?

    Shine Bright,

    ? Belinda ?


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