Crystal Children

Crystals captivate children’s curiosity and wonder, they really speak to the magic in their hearts! I LOVE connecting children to crystals to allow their imagination, intuition and creativity to grow. When a child see’s a crystal you instantly see inquisitive eyes  twinkling and their mind is taken to a world of wonder where many questions are evoked. Where do they come from? What creatures live with the crystals? What stories do the crystals bring?… the answers to these questions are so fun and ignite many different paths of learning to be explored. From delivering professional development workshops throughout Australia that include sharing the power of crystals in our workshops there is one thing I know for sure and that is… this same spark of wonder exists inside adults too.

As we nurture and empower this bubbling wonder playfully with children we are also naturally nurturing it within ourselves and ahh ‘Learning through Magic’ explodes beautifully. Crystals also support children beautifully to connect to their feelings, to slow down and to be in the moment. In a fast paced world with many children and adults under stress it is so beautiful to be at peace in the magical world of crystals.

Crystals Support Children to Express their Feelings.

To encourage children to connect to their feelings and honestly express how they feel we need to create a safe place and allow time.
Asking children to choose a crystal and give it a name is a nice way to set the scene.

Then encourage them to share what the crystal would like to say, or how it feels, or how it makes them feel. To enhance imagination we use crystals in story-telling, songs and dance.

Tips for Connecting Children & Crystals

  • Make it MAGICAL!! Connect to your  inner child.
  • Believe in what you are doing. Children need the truth of you, role modelling the fun life can bring.
  • Capture children’s interests with a dynamic set up and fascinating story.
  • Use various shaped and textured crystals to add to the questions and curiosity.
  • Be open and loving as to what they want to share with you. There is no place for judgements when nurturing the magic of crystals.
  • Create a safe space and time to Really listen.
  • Invite children to take lead, ‘What crystal would you like to choose?’ ‘What crystal makes you happy?’ ‘Which crystal does your heart like?’
  • Treat crystals as part of the family encourage kindness and gentleness and lot’s of love in how they are care for and connected with! 🙂

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