Outback with our Cat – Brewarrina

Outback with our Cat – Brewarrina

This is a video blog that Belinda and I did on our adventure from Perth.

So we’re near Brewarrina here, on the Barwon River, 3520 kilometres into our trip from Perth. And we’re getting a little Inspiration from the rising river and waterways as we flood ourselves with excitment, in anticipation of sharing with so many amazing Child Care Centres across this great country.

We love Australia, especially the outback (it’s where Belinda and …

Every Boring Moment has a Song – Mindfulness

From Perth to Normanton – Balladonia

Hello everyone!

This is a short story about mindfulness I guess.

It’s 520am and I haven’t been able to sleep for the last 3-4 hours. Strange times. But familiar times…..

I realised after a while that I was doing the usual – tossing and turning in bed ever so quietly as my partner and our cat slept and dreamt. I realised in a moment that this was familiar and that it may be some …

Gecko the Moving Tree!

So, I recently completed a three-day intensive Kids Yoga Teacher Training.  And a few days later, in ‘one of those’ moments, I realise how much my life had changed.  Clarity and confirmation abounds in these moments.  As synchronicity and the universe would have it, I was part of an inspiring group of 22 people all on a journey of service to the community and children in particular.  And I have a sneaking suspicion that all of these women had a …