How a Beautiful Moment of Clairvoyance created Unity in a Programming Consult.

We arrived to begin a day consultation at a beautiful Early Years’ Service. The request was to focus on programming and to bring the team together to create on an enjoyable and meaningful approach to programming.

From the beginning of the day as we sat with the Director and Educational Leader it was clear this was to be a Spirited day as the goosebumps arose as soon as the conversation started. We were all in the right heart and head space and then the Magic occurred.


A couple minutes into it and bam!! Spirit showed me a Maypole floating about with ribbons flying everywhere, this was just above the Educational Leaders head.  I was intrigued in the message and soon Spirit whispered it to me so I quickly passed this on to the Director and Educational Leader. They agreed wholeheartedly, the message went something like this……

The Maypole represents the Educational Leader and the ribbons where her ideas and excitement for programming yet her team mates couldn’t quite grab onto the ribbons (ideas) as there are so many and so busy (flying everywhere). But we Loved the enthusiasm :).

Delightful discussion took place and it was decided that we need everyone connected and understanding the program approach and we would use the Maypole to represent this. We needed the Educational Leader to slow down (bless her energetic heart) and share, and in this case, sharing ‘less is more’ is best until everyone feels comfortable.

Then we see a Maypole that represents the Service and the Program and each ribbon represents the Educators and their unique ideas. This means everyone gets to add their ribbons and dance as one in Maypole Harmony.

The Consult was such a beautiful Success with a big dash of Magic xo

Always Trust the Power of your Magic… it can make a big difference!

Shine bright,

Belinda 🙂

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