About Revolution Learning

Our Mission is to make Life and Learning Magical!

Revolution Learning is like a rainbow bursting through the trees as we meet you with our creative energy and grounded knowledge in the Early Years.

For the past decade we have traveled throughout Australia deep into the land and through the cities igniting the spark for Play-based, Inspirational and Compassionate learning for all. We have an effervesce well of ideas that always excites and engages Educators, Children, Families and Communities to REALLY embrace learning in the Early Years in fresh creative ways!

Our approach is called ‘Learning through Magic’ which is about embodying your true essence in a heart-centered and playful way. We provide various inspirational Services to increase Wellbeing and Learning to help each person be at their highest potential possible.

Belinda Whateley

Belinda Whateley has been working with children, educators and families for over 20 years and started Revolution Learning 9 years ago as she was deeply inspired to bring more magic, nature, and heart-centred learning into educational settings for children and adults. This drive has lived inside Belinda from her earliest memories growing up on the land where she created magical games with her pets and rescued injured animals – this is where her most precious and profound learning occurred.

Belinda’s passion blossomed when she spent 8 years as an Educator at Woodleigh in South Australia with a supportive and kind team that allowed her values, playfulness and wisdom to grow and shine. In this time Belinda became the inaugural National Educator of the year, and then authored the book Magical Moments which helps to bring about more mindful relationships and wise practices in Early Years Educational settings.

Belinda has been spreading her love for learning throughout Australia through interactive and educational workshops, seminars, conferences, Women’s retreats, Meditation Meets, and Energy Enchantment healings. She travels joyfully spreading the message of the importance of the power of compassionate and creative individuals uniting to help make Life and Learning Magical for all ages – we are never too old or young to fuel our hearts with playfulness and the Freedom to live and learn.

Belinda’s dream has remained the same since childhood, and that is that everyone discovers their true essence and purpose of living from their heart, immersing the world in love, magical adventures and health for all living things

Today, Belinda has expanded Revolution Learning to include passionate staff experienced in various fields such as Education of the early years and primary, land and nature conservation, music, self-awareness, Yoga and meditation, and PLAY-based Learning to name a few. All who are part of Revolution Learning believe in igniting people’s inner flame to let their talents shine and create new and inspirational ways to Belong, Be and Become.

“Belinda is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. After I spend time with her I always feel as though I can do anything and that there is hope for a better world. She is a caring and considerate person who always sees the best in any situation. She has a presence that makes you feel as though magic DOES exist and inspires the creativity in all around her.” – Heather Harding, Business Trainer and Lecturer, Tasmania.

Ross ‘Gecko’ Johnstone

Ross has an extensive history with the Environment both in living and working with. He grew up on a bush property 40kms south of Darwin in the Northern Territory for 15 years. Ross spent 3 years at Kormilda College (Indigenous boarding high school) in Darwin and then moved to Perth Western Australia to finish high school and his Bachelor in Sociology. After partially finishing his Diploma in Education, he completed his Diploma in Conservation and Land Management and until recently worked full-time in this industry for 11 years. Ross continues to spread the importance of Nature and Sustainability on a broader spectrum, with his work for Revolution Learning reaching Riyadh Saudi Arabia where he is part of a pilot project ‘greening the desert’ in connection with Kings Park Botanical Gardens, Perth.

Ross has a strong and intrinsic connection to the land and nature. Amongst other things, this connection has lead Ross to serving the community through the exploration of Sound Healing with his sacred instruments: Didgeridoos (8 at last count ), Native American Hoop Drum and Flutes, Chinese/Japanese Shakuhachi flute, Indian Bansuri Flute, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Acoustic Guitar, and Voice. Ross is the go-to-guy for incursions involving Mindful Movement and Yoga, cultural connection between land, people, animals and plants with his engaging and gentle ways of connecting with children and adults.

A great passion of Ross’ is bringing out each child’s uniqueness and confidence to learn, along with the hope to connect more Children with Nature through exploration, wonderment and adventure.


Indee the cat who loves nature adventures, (see her in this picture) came into Belinda’s life in 2004 after Indee was found homeless and all alone, so Belinda welcomed her with an open heart. She was a much accepted and loved sister to Britnee and they all become best friends . Indee is a unique cat with magical powers! She shares much wisdom with Belinda and it was Indee who gave Belinda the name of this life mission ‘Revolution Learning.’ Since then Indee continues to share wisdom with Belinda and Gecko. Indee has a special role in Team Revolution Learning! She brings to life the inspirational messages of the natural world, in particular the Crystals and how they can guide learning opportunities. Indee is a cheeky cat like all cats, but she has unconditional love and gentleness and absolutely loves cuddles… although she misses her sister Britnee she does adore the undivided attention she receives as the only child of Belinda and Gecko. Please head to the Blogs to read some of her positive messages and try her learning opportunity ideas for yourself and with children.

Love To Hear From You

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