2017 Heart Spark Magazine

Educators Awakening their Heart Spark!

Connecting with educators and children for the past 20 years I have seen some wonderful and heart-full changes to really advocate for the rights of children, to advocate for a healthy planet and more recently, the last decade in particular, the rise in awareness of a deep need to hear our Soul’s Wishes!

There have been many of us doing ‘undercover’ work throughout our life and the time is now to come into the light and let it shine! The undercover work I speak of is the work of Spirit, bringing Love, Magic, Peace and Healing to Earth. To bring back Harmony to all beings and our Mother Earth. And….this is so important within the Education System! I know many weary bodies and souls that have been crushed by the system. But we are here together to help evolve the system positively and being part of the system means we can shake the system :).

When I say ‘shake the system’, it involves being kind and loving with a big dash of courage and playfulness to shake out what is not good for humans to evolve in their truth, joy and peace, and to expand their consciousness. It’s like a big detox for the system and we are the ingredients that can make this happen. We need to reduce stress and anxiety, and the big D of depression needs to become the be D of Delight! This happens when our Spirits are bright and alive, this is what we are here to do, BE and Become!!

Often one who speaks of Spirit, Love, Magic and Healing can be viewed as “airy fairy”. Imagine how you are viewed when you say you see Spirit, Spirit speaks with you and you live your life by this guidance! Well, some may say you have a weird problem and need help! Yet it is the opposite for many of us as through this wonderful connection with Spirit we know that we are here to help. Our weirdness is not a problem, rather we are the creative problem solvers to bring more health, healing and happiness! Believe in your unique gift (even if you haven’t found it trust it is there waiting for you and it often changes just to spice up your life!!), believe in your weirdness and let’s ride this Magical and, at times, challenging adventure together!

To me living in this world, dialled into Spirit is so awesome!! I really believe wholeheartedly that the learnings and experiences Spirit has taught and lead me to is one of the most beautiful medicines. We all have access to this!!

This week is mental health week so I felt it was fitting to gift you something I believe will lift your spirit and cuddle your mind with love!

It’s a little collection of goodness from amazing people we (Gecko and Indee Cat) have met as we travelled throughout Australia. Please be immersed in their passions and let their uniqueness and Spirit inspire you to be deep in the heart of your truth!

Sending much Love and Magic

Belinda xo

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