Revolution Learning

We are here to raise the consciousness of the planet to create more harmony and joy on Earth. This begins with igniting the spark in individuals who want to increase their passion, awareness and wellbeing.

We empower Children, Families, Educators and Teachers to connect to their uniqueness and gifts through our inspirational services, and together may we all send ripples of Magic through our community!

Outback With Our Cat Tour

Outback With Our Cat Tour

We have been Early Years consultants for over 10 years and in the Early Years for over 20 years. In 2016 we set the intention to drive (rather than fly) throughout Australia to support as many rural, remote and metro services as possible… and we wanted to get back to our country roots exploring more of this great land! So from here we began our ‘Outback with our Cat Tour’ taking our beautiful Cat Indee along for the adventure. Travelling with a Cat certainly brings Joy to the Heart, especially having a Cat that loves to travel and camp…. we are so appreciative of her little soulful gypsy spirit :).

We visited numerous services and supported them with Professional Development Workshops, Consultations, Incursions and Meditations. And what an incredible time we are having!! Today the tour continues with our uplifting and spirited services as together we all Learn through Magic!

We’re Here to Help

If your team is ready for a new wave of inspiration and practical ideas to learning and wellbeing we are here for you! If you as an individual is in need of more positive energy and clarity to move forward with freshness and motivation then we are here for you too! Please check out the links below and buckle in for a Magical ride to transform your life for the better 🙂

About Revolution Learning

Revolution Learning Family

Revolution Learning is the wonderful trio of Belinda Whateley, Ross ‘Gecko’ Johnstone and Indee their Cat. They bring to life the Magic of Spirit, Nature and Music in a way that empowers happiness and healing to all those they meet! Growing and Learning radiates such Fun and Heart-Warming adventures when these guys are about!

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We’re excited to connect with you! So pop us an email if you have questions or anything to say. We are always happy to help! 🙂